Friday, 16 September 2016

Pourquoi framwork

We had to find a buddy to read our story about Pourquoi, which is about how something came to Tonga. Then we had to do critical proof reading of their story by using the DRAFT method and making comments on what needed to be changed. We had to check for things like punctuation, and make sure that the spelling was correct and if everything made sense.

Can Do

For reading I did a can do based on an article about a gold toilet at Guggenheim museum in New York that the public were allowed to use if they paid to get into the museum.

Math's think board

For math's me and my buddy Cyrus were doing a think board about our math's problem that involves decimals. I didn't fined it too difficult. Cyrus and I had to use a strategy to solve the problem for example 5.09 + 3.21 =  5 + 3 =8   9 + 21 = 30   answer 8.30    

Cross Country Inter School

For cross country my two sisters competed in the finals at Bailey Road. Alaya my younger sister came 5th in her race, and my older sister Sky came in 2nd place. They both did really well and I'm really proud of them.  

Thursday, 1 September 2016


For our Sketch noting we started with Rio as our main topic and put our ideas into Sketch form by using pictures, numbers, bullet points. Drawing our ideas made it more fun and helped keep me focused on the task. It also helped me understand the learning and make connection to the pictures. Firstly we researched Rio then had to think about how it would feel to be receiving a medal at the Rio Olympics.

Cross country

This week cross country we had to run 6 laps. Every week the number of laps increase by 2 so at the start we started at 2 then it moved on to 4 then 6 and it will keep going on into September the 7th. Each week it get's harder but I am still jogging most of the way.