Thursday, 1 June 2017

Samoan Cricket - Kilikiti

Today I have been learning about Kilikitis. We watched this video about Kilikiti it showed the rules, what you do and what happens it is like cricket but different you use a different bat and a ball. Mainly the Samoan played this game but now different countries play it like new Zealand, Tonga and many more.


  1. Kia ora
    Cj my name is Makaveli and I go to Paihia School. I really like your poster about kilikiti. I like the way you describe the way they play the game and one day I hope that we learn how to play kilikiti at Paihia school.😀

  2. Hey I'm from Paihia School I think that it is very awesome I enjoyed reading the post I'm looking forward to the new posts as well.

  3. Hi Cj this DLO looks very cool and interesting and it was fun to learn about the sport kilikiti I didn't know that kilikiti was played all around the world I thought it was just a sport played in samoa but maybe i'm wrong.

  4. Hi my name is max cj I go to paihia school I liked your story about kilikiti I liked it also because you described that kilikiti is originally a sport from Samoa and I also liked when you described the ball that was made out of pulu vao tree