Friday, 29 July 2016

Reading Comparison

Yesterday I created a DLO could Reading Comparison. I had to fine the year 7's genres and the year 8's genres. I had to look and fine what book character they like witch book did they like when they were five all sorts of things. The year 8's had most of the things. The year 7's are red the year 8's are blue.  

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Book parade

 Today the whole school went to the hall for the book parade nearly all of the teachers and most of the students dressed up. Like Miss Anderson she dress up ass a witch my friend Shannon dressed ass Max the bike rider it was fun but it got boring but it was all rite.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016


Today I played this math's game could Quizizz I was playing with my friend Cyrus, Lathem and other people. Cyrus was coming third place I came forth place it was a fun game.


This is my advertising DLO that I and my group made. My group was Calvin, Sajiha, Mya and me. we had a lot of trouble but we got there one person had too write the other three had to run to there paper and read and then come back and tell the story to the person to write it down.


Today I did attributing. Attributing means instead of copying it you attribute it so you just search up anything up and go Images and click on tools you go usage rights and labeled for reuse with modification.  

Friday, 8 July 2016


Yesterday Lynne Le came to our school she was working for spark we were talking about leadership week the year 7's had to list role model leader's like our family's, sport's leader or even a world leaders. After that she gave the year 7's a bag, pen, bottle and a cap so I would like to say thank you for all this hard work you've don for us we very appreciate it.   

Thursday, 7 July 2016


Today LS2 went Orienteering Eric and I were a team we came last that was pretty stink but it was good game and it was pretty cool to.

Tables conga

Today I played tables conga my three times tables on transom. Transom is math site with lots of maths games if you want to play this here is the link.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Story Starters - Buddy writing

Many moons ago the was an orangutan who is always treated differently. So he went out on a journey through a rain forest. He was have a peaceful time until he saw a vicious snake. He falls down and gets stuck so he calls for help but on one’s there. The snake gets closer and closer so he used all his strength to get out, He then climbs up a gigantic tree where he is safe. But the snake could climb a tree to so jumps onto another tree. The orangutan kept swinging from tree to tree, he was finally safe but he realized he was lost. So he panicked and tried to find another way out. He started running until he found his home.

Today for writing Oh Hsen and I wrote a story about a orangutan how gets lost in a ran forest. next we had to put three powerful word changes then we had to buddy up with an other group of two and we had to lessen to there story and draw every thing that they read onto our paper.

Get wise

Today after morning tea the year 7's went to Get wise it is mostly about saving money so if you want to make money here are three thing that you can do. Chores clean, dishes and vacuum simple things to do in your house two neighbor jobs always ask your Mum or Dad. You can mow the lawns wash there cars or even spray there house. Three sell and trade for example I didn't want my PS3 because I wanted a Xbox 360 and this other man had a xbox and he wanted a PS3 me and him can trade.  

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Life Ed

Today the year 7's went to life Ed we learnt about feeling's, emotion and decisions we watch this video about a girl that play's netball and after netball her friends ask if she can come to the scat park but she think's about it and then she go's and then her friend pulled out a smoke box.    

Finding info

Today I played this game called finding Info it is mostly about a spooky literacy game about finding info. You are the saboteur and you need to use all your info finding skills to escape from the tower undetected. Are you up to the challenge.


Today I played deduction it is a game where you need use  your deduction skills to read and follow instruction's to make journey's on a map.

Non - Fiction game

Today played a Non - Fiction game it is a game where you need to select an appropriate little, text and picture to suit three non - fiction types of writing: a children's book, a news item and a catalogue entry.     

Monday, 4 July 2016

Life Ed - Nicole

Today the year 7's went to life Ed and meat Nicole. she showed us body parts inside us like the body systems, nervous - brain, circulatory - veins, blood and arteries they thing help us to move think talk all of these things.

Story Starters

Today I just did a story starter I had to write about a young boy who dreamed about being a dentist and exploring and discovering new planets.