Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Map challenge

Today I did a map challenge for inquiry I had to google search most of the answers for example which countries surround china I had to google search it and find the answer.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

At the game

Here is my reading task that I did today I read this book could at the game and it was about that fines a
wallet and gives it to his Dad so they go to fine a policeman and give the wallet to him but Brady was
worried that he will miss the game so he fines the owner of the wallet an go's to watch the rugby game.  

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Thailand DLO

This is a DLO that we had to do for inquiry. This slide show is what Sylis and I created. These slides show the greetings and how they greet each other.

Monday, 23 May 2016

The journey for a new owner

The Journey For A New Owner
On a normal day our owner took us out for a walk. We were all  having the time of my lives, until he walked pass shoe shop and saw a shoe the stood out of all of them. “ Wow, these shoes look incredible” said the owner. “ I am going to buy these shoes, the ones I have now are too old” he added on. Off we went flying away and landed next to an old dusty rubbish bin, my owner ditched us for something else. We were really heart broken. There were horrible cockroaches were crawling all over us, rats biting, and water splashing it's a disaster. “There is nothing to do and it’s so boring” said one of the shoes. Then I heard something, it was a truck coming towards me and we were horrified that I will get taken away and burn me but it wasn't a rubbish truck it was one of those trucks who collect furniture and sell it. Thrown into the truck in we were with other dirty things. “This is so disgusting” said one of the shoes. It was a long trip but we ended up at a random house. “Yay, I have got some new cool shoes for free” shouted the person. He was so excited that he got shoes for free. We finally felt better and not lonely anymore. We were so grateful for a new owner who liked us.   

This is my writing the name of it is the journey for a new owner me and AJ wrote this it is about a show how gets replaced by a way bedder brand if you want to here the rest of the story look up.

Helping miss Anderson with her tweet

Here is my challenge task me and my group had to fix miss Anderson's tweets be for she publish it and the howl entire world would see it and miss Anderson would be embarrassed.  

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Olly's new bike

Today I read a book could Olly's new bike it is about a little boy named Olly and his mother Paula his mother byes Olly an old crud bike from a garage sale Olly gets mad and starts kicking the bike and crying.

Virtual tour of Thailand

Here is my google drawing of Virtual tour of Thailand Miss D teach'ed us how to collage you have to link the photo then copy and past the anthers name the copy and past the link next the on the ather side of Scott 370.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Kyle Mewburn

On Monday Kyle Mewburn came to Panmure Bridge School to tell us how he got into writing stories. He made a book called kiss kiss yuck yuck which is about a boy that keeps getting kissed by his grandma but doesn't like it.

Dominos to trial robot delivery

Title:Dominoes to trial robot delivery

When:March 22, 2016

Who:Domino's, NZ, Government

Where:does not say

What:Fast food company Domino’s has announced it is about to test robot delivery to New Zealand customers.
The company has been working with the Government on a plan to permit robot pizza delivery to hungry New Zealanders.The four-wheeled unit used by domino’s is called DRU (Domino’s Robotic Unit).Minister of Transport Simon Bridges said the use of the robot is an exciting opportunity. New Zealand is one of the first countries in the world being considered for testing autonomous pizza delivery.
Why or how it happen:So Domino delivery people do not have to drive everywhere and waste money on gas.
dominos delivery
What did you think the author wanted you to learn about?

I think that the author wanted me to learn that using robotic machines saves you from spending money on gas or materials for your car.    
Today Tuesday I did a can do bast on Dominoes to trial robot delivery I did this because this is very good Dominoes doesn't have to spend money on gas or materials for there cars they cold just send the robot to deliver the pizza.  

Monday, 9 May 2016


Today Monday I had to writ about kites I had to chose what kite looks the best and then write about three or four sentences then I had to get a buddy to check my work.

Friday, 6 May 2016


Here is my DLO I had to fine 5 facts about India, flag, and the map.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

world war 2 heroes

Ten True Tales: World War II Heroes
Today I read a book called world war 2 heroes written by Allan Zullo it is about all the heroes that saved USA and died during war.

Captain Underpants

On Thursday I read a book could Captain Underpants I got this Duffy book on term one I didn't really read it that much last term but read it today and its very interesting its about two mean kids convinces the teacher thinking that hes Captain Underpants but hes rely not. You can find this in the library up in Panmure mall or the schools library.    

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Dog report

Dog Report

Dogs are one of my favorite animals. They can be your best friend. I think dogs are a lot of fun. There are different kinds of dogs but they all need food, special equipment and care.                               

There are lots of different kinds of dogs. Dogs come in all sorts of different breeds, some dogs are mixed breeds. Some of the most well known breeds are: German Shepherd, Poodle, Spaniel, Labrador, and Boxer. Sometimes mixed breeds have some funny names. For example if you cross a labrador and a poodle you have a labradoodle.

Dogs need food to keep their energy up and to survive. There are all sorts of dog foods like jelly meat, dog roll and biscuits. You need to feed you dog twice a day and make sure they have water. You need to feed your dog to keep it alive.

Dogs need special equipment like a leash or a collar, so that they don’t run off when you take them for a walk. Some dogs are specially trained not to run away. Some toys for you dog to play with is a good idea and they will need a dog kennel to sleep in.

You have to take good care of your dog, you need to cuddle it and show him/her how much you love it. If your dog gets sick you need to take it to the vet.    

In conclusion, there are different kinds of dogs but they all need food, special equipment and care.  Dogs are one of my favorite animals. They can be your best friend. I think dogs are a lot of fun.  

This is what I did for Writing I had to writ about dogs what they eat what stuff they us and what they do.                            

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Word wall

Sub: Paragraph

The submarine submerged into the sea at a subzero temperature.As the submarine was leaving the water it crashed into a subject in the water. Meanwhile the subway had just left the station and the passengers were reading subheadings and subtitles of their newspaper. The subway also had a sub network so that people could entertain themselves….

This week LS2 got split into four or three groups. My group names were Daniel, Micaiah, Juanita and me. We had to do a word wall about sub we had to fine a word starting with sub for example subway, submariner, subset stuff like that.

Using 5 times tables

This is my 5 times tables DLO we had to solve our 6, 7, and 8 times tables using 5 times tables for example 20 x 7 so you split the 7 into 5 and 2 so you go 5 x 20 = 100  2 x 20 = 40 so 100 + 40 = 140.